4 Things to Consider when Choosing a Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans have been the most common and reliable method for cooling for decades, here are 4 things to consider before you buy yours:

1. Steadiness of the base

Steadiness is a significant safety factor to consider. If you have kids or pets, they are likely to trip a fan over which can cause damage to the fan itself or to its surroundings. There are two common types of pedestal fan bases, x-shaped and round. A round base is considered steadier and therefore safer for your family.

2. Noise level

Are you a light sleeper fed up with lying in bed on a warm night while a loud fan buzzes away? Then you should consider a quiet fan, so your sleep will not be interrupted. If the fan's noise level is under 57 decibels, it is quiet enough for someone to watch television, listen to music, or even sleep with the fan on.

If noise is a big factor for you then check out our Whisper Fan that works at 27dB!

3. Speed settings

Choose a fan with a number of speed settings. If you plan to use your fan only for small spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms then 2 speed settings is enough. As for areas bigger than 20m2 at least 3 speed settings are recommended. The higher the speed, the more air goes through the fan in a given time frame.

Our Whisper Fan has 12 speed settings making it powerful enough to cool large rooms, yet also quiet enough to be used in the bedroom.

4. Number of blades

More blades equal greater wind flow! A common number of blades is between three and five. Check out our Whisper Fan which features a 5-piece blade for even greater cooling.