Benefits of a Portable Air Conditioner

All Dimplex portable air conditioners come with cooling, heating and dehumidifying functions to keep you comfortable no matter the season.

Functionality and Temperature Control

Summer can reach temperatures of over 30°C where cooling systems can begin to have issues functioning. The Dimplex portable air conditioners are guaranteed to work effectively as high as 43°C. Dimplex portable air conditioners will keep you cool when you need it the most. The reverse cycle mode means that your portable air conditioner will also allow you to take the chill off and heat the room in winter, replacing the need for a heater.

Design and Installation

Keeping you and your home cool will be a breeze this summer with a Dimplex portable air conditioner. Featuring a contemporary design, intended to be unobtrusive and blend harmoniously with your existing decor, these units come in various sizes to suit any sized room. Our portable air conditioners will cool a room for you without difficult installation required. The unit takes in room air, cools it, and directs it back into the room, venting warm air outside through an exhaust hose which can be attached to a window. With Dimplex portable air conditioners you can also adjust settings such as fan speed and temperature to maximize comfort. 

Health and Comfort

Summer can bring high levels of humidity causing discomfort to many people and also damage to home furnishings and walls. High humidity or water vapor in the air can cause the growth of mildew, dust mites and mold that often leads to allergies and asthma. All Dimplex portable air conditioners come with a dehumidification feature that reduces that unwanted muggy humidity and creating a healthy environment. 


Dimplex portable air conditioners, compared to central air conditioners and wall units, can easily be moved from room to room. Our portable air conditioners also come with exhaust hoses and window kits to fit sash or sliding windows. Please note however, the kit does not fit a swing window.

*requires external ducting for operation