Why Choose Dimplex Panel Heater?


Dimplex Panel Heaters are designed in Norway and made across Norway and UK. They are one of the most efficient heaters available in the market today with their technology driven designs. Our Panel Heaters feature rapid cycling technology so the element is only energized for half the time thus drastically reducing the average power consumption. The ultra accurate thermostat maintains a comfortable temperature through a remote sensor located in the base of the Panel Heater encased in plastic insulated plug to protect it from the radiated heat from the element. Our Panel Heaters are designed to withstand as harsh a temperature as a -40°C Scandinavian winter, with the electronic thermostat also having a setting to protect against frost.

Why Dimplex?

Conventional Panel Heaters can deviate from their set temperature by several degrees Celsius. This means that a conventional thermostat sitting at 22°C could deliver temperatures as low as 18°Cor as high as 26°C which varies as much as 8°C. This can lead to discomfort and higher energy costs. Dimplex Panel Heaters on the other hand, regulate temperatures only to within 0.3°C. By our Panel Heaters constantly sampling the air temperature, the room temperature has little time to be able to drop.

Warranty and Quality

Our Forta Panel heaters come with a full 4 year warranty and our Alta Panel Heaters come with a replacement warranty of 10 years for the element and 7 years for all other parts. That's how confident we are in our product. Dimplex Panel Heaters are built in our Dimplex UK factory which is renowned for its quality. This ensures that, unlike other factories each Panel Heater is consistently built according to independent and rigorous quality standards.


The Panel Heaters' frame is constructed using long life anti-corrosion treated steel and comes with wall mounted brackets. They have also been designed for easy cleaning as the heater unit will pivot away from the wall to give access to its rear or alternatively, you can purchase a set of castors (FS40) making the Panel Heater very portable and easy to move around your home where you need it.