40cm Multi-directional Pedestal Fan

Multi-Directional Air Circulating Pedestal Fan

  • 3 speed settings
  • 3 wind modes: normal, natural, sleep
  • Fan head pivots up to 90⁰
  • 360⁰ horizontal oscillation 
  • 5 piece blade
  • Remote
  • Green LED display
  • 8 hour timer
Can be used as an Air Circulator for whole room air circulation



Create a gentle breeze throughout the entire room

Replace hot stale air with fresh air through an open window

Use with your air conditioner to evenly circulate cool air in summer to increase cooling efficiency

Use with your heater to evenly circulate heat in winter to increase heating efficiency




Product Specification

Finish Black
Heating Capacity
Cooling Capacity
Dimensions (WxDxH)


Product Info

  • Product Category: Air Circulators, Cooling Fans
  • Model: DCPFAC40