Start Summer right and keep cool with Dimplex

Start summer right and keep cool with Dimplex!

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With summer right around the corner, it’s time to prepare for hotter days and uncomfortable nights, that is, if you don’t have an ideal cooling system in place! But what is the ideal cooling system? Unfortunately, not one style fits all! But at Dimplex, we’ve been innovating and pioneering new technologies for decades to bring you the best cooling options that are out there. We have a broad range of coolers to suit any need and any space. So let’s find the perfect way for you to beat the summer heat this season!

Open Spaces

We’re fans of luxurious open-plan living, but wide open spaces can often be difficult to cool efficiently. That’s where our range of iSeries Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System Air-Conditioners come in! Our split systems come in different capacities for rooms of all sizes plus the ability to heat or cool, so they are perfect for use all year round. With a thermostat accuracy within 0.2 degrees, swing function and silent operation, you’ll be living in comfort to the very edges of your space!

Apartment Style Living

When it comes to cooling smaller spaces or buildings with many rooms you might consider portable to be the way to go. Bring the cool with you, from bedroom to home office to living room with our Portable Air Conditioners. They help control the air quality and temperature while keeping you comfortable with a Self-Evaporative system that requires no drop tray or drainage hose, best placed near a suitable window for exhaust. Alternatively for an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to keep cool this summer our Evaporative Coolers have you covered, utilising a natural process involving motion and evaporation of water to cool down the air. They’re also portable, perfect for any room and they’re great for arid and dry areas of Australia, where they will naturally humidify the air - reducing dry air symptoms associated with other cooling methods like itchy eyes, throat or skin.

Small solutions for office or bedroom

With oscillating pedestal fans, high velocity floor fans and box fans you can easily cool and refresh the air in any small room such as the home office or even the bedroom. “Fan on or off?” is a popular bedroom debate. So if you’re a fan of some cool air movement to keep you in dreamland then Dimplex Box Fans are for you! Designed to be compact, efficient and quiet, with five blades and three speed settings they cool any room quickly and quietly. Plus their handles make them easy to move around during the day when you need to cool another space too! Similarly our Air Circulators work for any season to circulate air and regulate room temperature with little impact on your energy consumption: a great option for sleep-time!

Whatever your space is, we know how to keep it comfortable for you so crack on and get cooling this summer with Dimplex! Read more information on our Cooling Solutions here, or contact us to discuss cooling for your home now.