How To Make Your Rental Property Feel Like Home

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When you’re living in a rental property, it can be hard to make the space your own. Landlords often set strict limitations on permanent fixtures and hanging things on walls. However, a few creative steps can make your place feel just like home, without compromising your rental agreement.

Inject some colour
If you’re limited to the amount of decoration you can have in your property, consider investing in a handful of colourful and bold art pieces. If there is a clear limit on hanging items on walls, consider alternative solutions such as propping frames up against the wall, on top of a bookcase or on an existing furniture.

Invest in soft furnishings
Not only will rugs add personality and colour to your space, but they will also hide any existing carpet marks and protect the flooring (important when considering getting your full deposit back at the end of your lease). New curtains and light shades will make a big difference to the space and they are easy to move when you are moving into your next property. If you are looking for a simple and an effortless way to transform your home, update it with some beautiful cushions, throws and quilts to add some warmth and texture into the space.

Add some greenery
If you’re renting an apartment and don’t have any outdoor space, adding some easy-to-care-for plants like cactuses and succulents is perfect for injecting some freshness and life into your home. Just make sure they will get plenty of sunlight!

Think outside the bookcase
Displaying books throughout your rental is a simple way to create a cosy and an inviting environment. Most of us don’t have an impressive library, and if you are low on books, you can always visit a local op shop and unleash your purse! Also, you could consider placing some of your collection on your coffee or bedside table, just to give your guests an easy yet sophisticated look.

Add some cosy comfort
Being in a rental property doesn’t mean you can’t have a cosy, roaring fireplace. Consider an electric fireplace. It requires no installation and moving it into your next home is as easy as installing it. Dimplex’s ‘plug in and go’ design allows you to incorporate a fire into your home without it being a permanent fixture, offering the flexibility ideal for home renters. Available in a range of different sizes and colours, and a price range that will suit different budgets.
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