Evaporative coolers

What are the benefits of evaporative coolers compared to air conditioners?

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Just like a sea breeze keeps you cool at the beach on a hot day, evaporative coolers use the power of evaporation to cool down your home.

"What are the benefits of evaporative coolers compared to air conditioners?

100% fresh air
The evaporative process relies on airflow, with warm air passing through a cooling pad, getting moisture, being pumped through the house and finally exiting via open doors or windows. Only 100% fresh air is circulating, rather than stale and recycled air.

Healthy moisture levels
It's not a secret that dry air from air conditioners can aggravate allergies and asthma. As evaporative coolers use moisture to cool the air, they won't dry your skin, nose or eyes.

Filtered air
As the air goes through the cooling pads, not only is it chilled but is also filtered from impurities.

Enjoy the outdoors
Evaporative cooling requires some windows or doors to be open to create airflow and allow hot air trapped inside to escape. It means that evaporative coolers can also be used to cool outdoor spaces, such as terraces and alfresco areas."

Evaporative coolers are especially suitable for places with warm temperatures and low humidity levels in the air during summer - think central WA, NT, western QLD, northern SA/VIC, and eastern NSW.

Things to look for when choosing your first Evaporative Cooler:

Water tank capacity
The bigger the water tank is, the more hours of cooling you can get before having to refill it. Dimplex portable range features 6L and 20L Evaporative Coolers. The 6L model provides about 5 hours of non-stop cooling, whilst the 20L model lasts up to 1- hours.*

* Dependent on fan speeds and settings selected.

Installed vs. Portable
Installed (or ducted) evaporative cooling systems are connected to a water supply and do not require refilling. On the other hand, portable coolers, like the ones from the Dimplex range, are mobile (can be easily moved from room to room), don't require ducting and therefore are great for rental properties.

Water fill
Convenient water fill makes the experience smooth and effortless. Dimplex new 20L Evaporative Cooler enables you to fill the water tank easily from the top without needing to remove the tank.

If you are still unsure which cooling solution is right for you, take a look at our full portable range. So, keep in mind the benefits of evaporative coolers for an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to keep you comfortable this summer.